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We carry out professional searches of Scottish property records to identify the ownership of land in Scotland. 

This service is available to solicitors, property developers and anyone else interested in the ownership of land in Scotland. 

Our service is completely confidential.


For Solicitors
Landownership Scotland is not just another searching company. We are specialists in investigative searching.You owe it to your clients to use the best service available and Landownership Scotland provides you with a superior service at...
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For Developers
Landownership Scotland can offer assistance in identifying the ownership of possible development sites and helping to resolve problems with the titles. This service is completely confidential and, because we are a small company, your details...
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For Landowners
Landownership Scotland is a business member of Scottish Land & Estates, so we regularly read Land Business and hear of matters that concern landowners. Windfarms Sites for Windfarms are very much in demand. You could be in...
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For House Owners
Landownership Scotland can answer any type of enquiry that relates to property ownership. Some possible areas where we can assist you are: Owner of vacant land adjacent to your property There may be an overgrown lane at...
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For Everyone
There is a lot of overlap in the "Our Services" section and you should have a look at other parts of this, but here are some other possible searches we can undertake. Family Trees Although we do...
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Dixon's Blazes
Sometimes deeds have a long initial narrative which is very interesting and informative. I have just been looking at a deed which gives a long link in title between...
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