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Landownership Scotland is the trading name of Landownership Scotland Ltd, a private company registered in Scotland (Company No: SC247719). It is wholly owned and managed by Ann Farmer, who is the sole director, with her son Chris Farmer as the Company Secretary and technical advisor. The company was incorporated on 11 April 2003 and commenced trading on 1st May 2003.

About Ann

Ann is one of the most experienced searchers in Scotland and worked for the largest property searching firm in Scotland for more than fourteen years before setting up on her own. For more than nine of these, she was mainly involved in carrying out complex landownership enquiries.

Ann has more experience than any other searcher in Scotland in investigating the ownership of land and has a very high success rate. She has also worked in Land-Registered Counties since 1991, which is a much longer time than most searchers. This goes back to the days when only four Counties were live and the Land Register plans were not computerised, so Ann has seen the development of Land Registration and is very knowledgeable about many of the problems encountered. She is also very experienced in the Sasines Register and has tackled many jobs involving not only the relatively recent search sheets, but also looking at very old deeds.

Our Aims

Although we are willing to tackle any job, big or small, we specialise in site assembly. This involves finding the titles and then piecing them all together like a jigsaw, with no picture and missing pieces! There's a great sense of satisfaction in finally locating that missing piece. Ann is experienced in the use of scale rules to measure both old and new plans and regards these as an essential tool for landownership enquiries, along with the computer program to colour in plans to illustrate the results of her searches. She has also made extensive use of the National Library of Scotland's Map Library to view historical Ordnance Survey maps, which help in many enquiries. She is a regular visitor to General Register House, with occasional forays to the Central Library in Edinburgh and the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

The aim of Landownership Scotland is to provide a superior service at a competitive price. We will go out of our way to help you with any problems you encounter involving the ownership of land in Scotland. We carry extensive professional indemnity insurance, although this is not something that Ann has ever had occasion to use.

If you have any queries regarding land ownership in Scotland, please call us on  0131 623 5138, or email us at

0131 623 513814/2, West Savile Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH9 3DZ
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