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There is a lot of overlap in the “Our Services” section and you should have a look at other parts of this, but here are some other possible searches we can undertake.

Family Trees

Although we do not undertake full genealogical searching, we can sometimes assist with finding details of your ancestors, but only if they were owners of property, which was far less common in the past than it is now. If you have an unusual family name, we could certainly try this for you. We could also find the owner of any particular property associated with your family at any time in the past.

We have on occasions traced a person backwards through several house ownerships all over Scotland. Through sales of property by Executors, we can often identify details of when Wills were registered and can obtain copies of these, if available. We have also at times managed to trace the Executors up to date to find their present addresses.

Ownership of any area of ground in Scotland

You may have spotted a derelict house or vacant site on your travels and would love to buy it to build your ideal home. We can find the owner of the site.

On the other hand, a vacant site may be a health hazard through illegal dumping and nobody can find out who owns the ground. Landownership Scotland can find the owner.

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