Our Services


Landownership Scotland is a confidential service that carries out professional searches of Scottish property records, here you can find more information on the service.

Our Services

We can find out the ownership of land for anyone who needs to know. The Scottish Property Records are public records, although there are often fees involved in accessing them. We carry out our investigations and provide our reports from these records and this does not alert anyone else of your interest, making our service completely confidential.

For Solicitors
Landownership Scotland is not just another searching company. We are specialists in investigative searching. You owe it to your clients to use the best service available and Landownership Scotland provides you with a superior service at a competitive price.

Here are some examples of how we can help you, but this is by no means exhaustive:

  • Land Registration - boundary problems, servitudes, missing titles, minerals and burdens.
  • Site Assembly - title 'jigsaws', gaps and ransom strips.
  • Land Ownership - anything from a single house, a strip of road or verge to finding multiple ownership for a large proposed development site.
  • We can help to plot the sales from a large area, to determine the extent of the residue of your title, especially where your records are incomplete.
For Developers
Landownership Scotland can offer assistance in identifying the ownership of possible development sites and helping to resolve problems with the titles. This service is completely confidential and uses publicly available records so will not alert anyone else of your interest.

For Wind Farms
As well as site ownership, we can assist with other aspects of wind farm developments. You may require wayleave rights to reach the nearest electricity connection and we can find the owners of the land through which this runs. Huge wind turbines can be difficult to manoeuvre around corners on rural roads and we can find the owners of land on the sides of access roads to allow you to either go on this or oversail it.

For Large Landowners and Estates
Landownership Scotland is a business member of Scottish Land & Estates, so we regularly read Land Business and hear of matters that concern landowners. Here are some examples of how we can help you:
  • Boundary Disputes - with adjacent landowners or owners of a title within the Estate encroaching on land they don't own. We can check titles to prove ownership.
  • Gap sites - can be found in many villages and towns, sometimes deliberately left empty for some long-forgotten purpose. We can identify surrounding properties and plot them to show the extent of the gap site which may well be left in the residue of the Estate title.
  • Solum of Roads - in many cases, the roads within an Estate were not sold with the land adjacent and still remain in the ownership of the Estate owner, even though they may be adopted by the Local Authority. Increasingly, developers in particular require to know who owns the solum or ground under the road surface. We can check to see if a road is included in your title.
  • Extent of Title - accident claims, boundary disputes, divorce settlements.
For House and Business Property Owners
Landownership Scotland can answer any type of enquiry that relates to property ownership. Some possible areas where we can assist you are:
  • Vacant land adjacent to your property - there may be an overgrown plot or lane at the side of your property and, if only you could buy a part of it, you could build that extension or garage you don't have room for within your boundary. Landownership Scotland can find out who the owner is.
  • Boundary issues - it may be that when you bought your property, the previous owners told you that the ground at the end of the back garden did not actually belong to them, but you've been using it as part of your garden and would now like to make it legally part of your title. Landownership Scotland can find the current legal owners of the ground.
  • The history of your property - This can be especially interesting for older properties. We can find out all the previous owners and the prices they paid, going back to 1876 and often much further back. This type of historical information is sometimes used by commercial enterprises like hotels or public houses in a plaque displayed on the premises.
For Everyone
We can find out the ownership of any area of land in Scotland. You may have spotted a derelict house or vacant site on your travels and would love to buy it to build your ideal home. We can find the owner of the site. On the other hand, a vacant site may be a health hazard through illegal dumping and nobody can find out who owns the ground. Landownership Scotland can find the owner.