For Landowners


Landownership Scotland is a confidential service that carries out professional searches of Scottish property records, here you can find more information on the service.

For Landowners

Landownership Scotland is a business member of Scottish Land & Estates, so we regularly read Land Business and hear of matters that concern landowners.


Sites for Windfarms are very much in demand. You could be in a much stronger bargaining position if you have a ready-made package for a developer. We can help to find the ownership of routes to the nearest road or substation.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can be with adjacent landowners or can be a problem with owners of a title within the Estate encroaching on land they donít own. We can check their titles to prove ownership.

Gap Sites

Gap sites can be found in many villages and towns, sometimes deliberately left empty for some long-forgotten purpose. We can identify surrounding properties and plot them to show the extent of the gap site which may well be left in the residue of the Estate title.

Solum of Roads

In many cases, the roads within an Estate were not sold with the land adjacent and still remain in the ownership of the Estate owner, even though they may be adopted by the Local Authority. Increasingly, developers in particular require to know who owns the solum or ground under the road surface. We can check to see if a road is included in your title.

Extent of Title

We can help to plot the sales from a large area, to determine the extent of the residue of your title, especially where your records are incomplete. However, where you have a good Estate Chartulary, showing all the sales, Landownership Surveys are specialists in this.