About Us


Landownership Scotland is a confidential service that carries out professional searches of Scottish property records, here you can find more information on the service.

About Us

Landownership Scotland was founded by Ann Farmer in 2003 and is the trading name of Landownership Scotland Ltd, a private company registered in Scotland (Company No: SC247719).

Our Aims

The aim of Landownership Scotland is to provide a superior service at a competitive price. We will go out of our way to help you with any problems you encounter involving the ownership of land in Scotland. We are willing to consider any job, big or small and where possible we aim to provide an estimate of eventual costs or work to a specific budget if this is required. We carry extensive professional indemnity insurance, although this is not something we have ever had occasion to use.

About Ann

Ann has unparalleled experience in investigating the ownership of land in Scotland. Ann worked for the largest property searching firm in Scotland for more than fourteen years before setting up on her own in 2003. For more than nine of these, she was mainly involved in carrying out complex landownership enquiries. Ann has seen the development of Land Registration from its beginnings and is very knowledgeable about many of the problems encountered in this. She is also hugely experienced in the Sasines Register, working not only with the relatively recent search sheets, but also with very old titles which pre-date the search sheets and deeds recorded in the antiquated Burgh Registers.