Site Assembly for Developers


Landownership Scotland is a confidential service that carries out professional searches of Scottish property records, here you can check out more info on the service.

Site Assembly for Developers

Site Assembly

Landownership Scotland specialises in sites in multiple ownership. We love fitting together all the pieces of a jigsaw, making sure the titles fit together with no gaps. This type of job is becoming more common, as all the "easy" sites have already been snapped up. We can present the results of our search in whatever way is most convenient for you, but a coloured plan showing all the different ownerships is usually a good way to show the titles at a glance.

Ransom Strips

Sometimes when titles are plotted, there is a gap, either in the middle or between the title and the road. This could be claimed by a party who holds the developer to ransom for this vital strip of ground. We can search for the owners of possible ransom strips before their nature becomes apparent, to allow you to acquire all the ground you need for the development.